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Significantly reduce file sizes of photos by resizing them
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Lite Photos is a batch image resizer. This software is built around the idea that modern digital cameras create large files (photos) and it’s impractical to send them over the internet, attached in an e-mail for example. The program can load multiple images and reduce their dimensions, thus reducing the file size as well. This is a small compromise in many cases. For example, if your photos are 4000x3000 pixels in size, reducing them to half or even less significantly reduces their file sizes without affecting quality too much.

This utility works only with JPG/JPEG files. Images can be added to the batch either manually, by selecting each individual file or automatically by selecting a folder. When you select a folder, the application recursively goes through all sub-folders and includes all compatible files that it finds.
The output photo size can be selected from a predefined list or you can define your own custom size. There’s also the possibility to leave size unchanged and modify just the quality of the image. But this will give poor results: file size isn’t significantly reduced and quality loss is visible in the output photo and it looks very unpleasant.

For more efficiency, the program can archive all the resized photos in one EXE file (self-extracting archive).

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Fast
  • Recursively searches in a folder
  • Can create a self-extracting EXE archive


  • Slight loss of quality even when output quality is set to 100%
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